STiCLi Games on Twitter: “[People] Such As You Should Be Killed On Sight.”

In case you weren’t entirely convinced of STiCLi Games’ status as a toxic developer, another piece has come forward straight from the horse’s mouth. It doesn’t take much time to read through the entirety of STiCLi’s posting history, their account consists of 23 posts as of this publishing, but one message in particular caught our attention. The STiCLi account telling a user that people “such as you should be killed on sight.”

Some context: The conversation in question was regarding LaMia Flight 2933, a tragedy that occurred late last November when a plane crashed in Columbia. The comment that STiCLi is responding to said:

81 people were on a plane like the one in the picture? No wonder it went down

(Source: Twitter)

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One Response to “STiCLi Games on Twitter: “[People] Such As You Should Be Killed On Sight.””

  1. Erhan Altay says:

    Passions run high sometimes. I’d say this would be forgivable from a personal account, but who ever is behind the wheel of this twitter handle should have enough self decipline to realize he’s representing his company.

    I’ve tweeted some dumb/offensive shit, but always on my personal account. I wouldn’t dream of doing it on my business account.

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