Storybricks Creator Teams Up With Outside Partners

Remember Storybricks? We covered the game back when it was first announced, including a small interview, and a quick look. Namaste Entertainment has a pretty radical idea: AI in MMOs has not been progressing alongside the evolution in sound and graphics. So the game set forward to build an engine that could allow characters to have their own life. The goal is to create an AI that doesn’t just run on a preset treadmill, or stand in place until the player talks to them or attacks them. The AI has its own goals, moods, and have the ability to interact with one another and perform actions on a higher level.

On one hand, the Kingdom of Default game has been shelved. On the other hand, the game and technology has brought in interest from outside studios wishing to make use of the technology.

“We have several projects underway, on several platforms and with diverse types of gameplay, all exploiting our unique AI possibilities. Several studios have shown interest in what our technology can offer and we are looking forward to working with them to create amazing games. Working with partners now means that all our projects are now under NDA, so we cannot be as open as we have been in the past. But we can assure you: these projects are pretty awesome.”

We wish the Namaste team the best of luck in their future endeavors, and we hope to see the Storybricks technology in some fashion in the future.

“Kingdom of Default was a first test of our technology, a browser game for users to write their own stories and interact with complex artificial intelligences. But we realize the alpha had a lot of problems: it was not enough of a game for traditional MMO audiences, too complex for casual players and too much of a game for educational uses (apparently the ‘zombie’ feature was a big no-no for some schools).”

(Source: Storybricks)

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