Survarium Interview On Worlds Factory


Survarium is the upcoming spiritual sequel to the STALKER series, and our friends over at Worlds Factory managed to grab an exclusive interview with Vostok Games to ask a few questions. Survarium is a free to play online first person shooter set in a world following an ecological disaster. Players will need to team up if they hope to survive in the ruins of civilization. Survarium will be session based on segregated servers, but Vostok hopes that one day the game will be upgraded into a single seamless universe.

The good thing is that the online format of the project allows us to constantly upgrade and expand the game with new features and possibilities. So hopefully someday we can introduce a seamless Survarium playable universe as well.

You can read the entire interview at the link below, detailing game mechanics, server structure, and more.

(Source: Worlds Factory)

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