TERA Doubles Its Players In Europe


Commonly when an MMO heads free to play, the number of active players goes up instead of down. In fact, it is so common that there is more news to be had in a game not seeing a boost in population than there is in one doubling or tripling their community. In Europe, TERA’s number of registered players has doubled, bringing in five hundred thousand new players according to Gameforge. This leaves TERA with over one million registered users under Gameforge.

That seems a little light, doesn’t it? Only one million? You would be correct in that assessment. The announcement of one million accounts comes from Gameforge, which (I will eat my hat if this isn’t the case) does not include the North American service under En Masse Entertainment, nor does it factor in the NHN Corporation hosting in Japan and Korea. Assuming other regions saw similar responses to their free to play shift, that could amount to several million new accounts overall for TERA.

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