The EFF Wants DMCA Protection For Abandoned Games


When the servers shut down for your favorite games, often times players find themselves out of luck and with a product that is no longer usable. To make matters worse, attempts to recover the game by setting up private servers or releasing a program to circumvent the now-useless DRM, run the risk of being met by the publisher’s legal team.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has submitted comments to the Copyright Office asking for an exemption to Section 1201 of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

Game developers and distributors don’t run servers forever, and often shut them off when player numbers dwindle. Having player communities step in to preserve their games is a win for everyone. However, Section 1201 creates chilling effects that keep this from happening. And for games without dedicated programmers who are willing to take legal risks, communities disperse, moving on to new games or just disappearing entirely.

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