[Community] The Rebel Developer: “I Just Want To Get Rid of This Sh**y Game”


For this week’s Community Monday, I want to dive into the latest indie developer meltdown currently in progress. The subject for the latest incident is The Rebel, a Unity asset flip that currently has a 75% positive (of four reviews) rating on Steam. There is one person online at the time of this writing.


The Rebel is developed and published by an independent developer Novukomp EEOD, an individual who refers to his game as “total s*** and [an] asset flip,” as shown here on the Unity forums.

An year ago I put my game on Greenlight steam. It was total S*** at the time and asset flip. You probably think the game did poorly and never got approved? Wrong! It was approved via greenlight and actually reached top 5th place in greenlight out of 1400+ games.

The thread, posted last Friday, complains about an inability to get the game on Steam despite Valve’s seeming approval. They were kind enough to leak the admin dashboard, as shown above. Justbrosingthanks, the creator’s username, is seemingly fed up with trying to submit a game he apparently didn’t care much for.

I just want to get rid off this sh**y game, don’t want to turn this into a never ending slavery to a project I don’t even enjoy working on. I want it to end.

The creator ends up butting heads with others pointing out over the game’s poor graphics, the low framerate trailer, etc.

Stop being salty about negative comments, your game looks bad and you decided to put it in Steam anyway so better get ready to get a lot of vitriol. The worst offense of your game is the framerate, if you can’t get at least 30fps in your damn trailer you should know that you have serious problems.

Naturally Jim Sterling gets brought up, although Justbrosing seems to think that James Romine is living in a Beverly Hills mansion rather than a house in Arizona.

^ Sterling is the reason The Slaughtering Grounds developers are now living in Beverly Hills mansion and have all the time in the world to develop better game. I am actually hoping to reach to the British far-right fatty who will call this “shait”.


As with every other shady independent developer on Steam, The Rebel has taken to intensely policing its forums and banning any criticism. The developer has actually gone as far as attempting to stifle criticism by having only two forums open: The first for requesting keys and the second for trading (only open to owners).

There is literally no venue for discussing the game at all, and the developer is actively banning anyone and everyone who posts otherwise.

Please only post here if your question is related to free keys and videos. Everything else will be considered off topic and the thread banned/locked.

I attempted to contact the developer to point out that Valve has penalized developers for similar conduct in the past. He responded by permanently banning me from the game’s forums. He was kind enough to offer me a free key, though.

Again and again: please abide by the rules off the forum. If you think the game sucks: well thank you for the opinion! Just please don’t spam. If you want opinion/key: info@novucomp.com

To end this, I’ll point out that the creator is friends with none other than Steam’s most notorious shovelware developer, James Romine from Digital Homicide. Make of that what you will.

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