Today’s Neverwinter Patch Balances Experience/Monsters


Neverwinter version NW.50.20150722a.15 will go live at around 9am Pacific today, with the servers going down at six to implement the update, but it brings with it a whole slate of balances to the post-60 experience. In regards to the Elemental Evil module which has seen a fair amount of criticism, the experience rewarded by Vigilance tasks will be greatly improved. Additionally, enemies from level 61 to 70 will have their health reduced substantially and damage reduced slightly.

In addition to these updates, Domination PVP will once again be reenabled thanks to fixes that will hopefully ensure that the game fills both teams before beginning. VIP features will be available to characters right out of the gate rather than after level 5.

Perfect World Entertainment is still in the process of patching in balances to Neverwinter following the launch of the Elemental Evil module. The update received heavy criticism over the length to level from 60 to 70, difficulty of monsters, and heavily altering or outright removing content including dungeons while re-using content for new areas. Today’s patch is part of an ongoing process in response to player complaints.

(Source: Patch Notes)

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