Triad Wars Update Boosting Level Cap

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The August update for Triad Wars is coming and will boost the current level cap for all players from 30 to 50. As players level up, their gangs will now level with them, creating new challenges for raids and new defenses for players raiding your turf. In addition, weapons will now be level-based with higher level weapons carrying more damage potential.

The enforcer level cap has been increased from 30 to 50. You will keep your current level, but what that level means has changed. We have removed the old upgrade screen and in its place we have a whole new leveling and upgrades system for you:

Leveling up now also unlocks slots that can be used to customize your character, unlock new moves, etc. Overall, the update will apparently make it easier to earn face and level up, especially by taking on higher level enemies.

A release date on the update has not been set.

(Source: Triad Wars)

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