Tribes Ascend “Break Even At Best,” Mod Tools Unlikely


Erez Goren has posted a letter to the community on the Smite Subreddit/official forum to clear up the “misinformed conclusions” that customers might come to if they look at Hi-Rez’s development history. In case you haven’t been following Hi-Rez Studios, their first game Global Agenda was a major financial loss and Tribes: Ascend, as Hi-Rez’s CEO puts it in the letter, “ended up being break-even at best.” Earlier this year, Hi-Rez Studios announced that development on Tribes: Ascend had come to a close, but revealed that tools were in the works to allow players to create their own maps. Due to the costs of development, however, it is “unlikely” that these tools will ever see release.

Goren goes on to reveal that Hi-Rez had attempted to shop the game to publishers, none of whom were interested due to the game’s niche demographics. Goren goes on to reveal that out of the $30 million in funding, Global Agenda and Tribes have generated $10 million in revenue.

How much did it cost to do the above? At that point I personally funded all the game development with over $30 million of funding (losses) and generated about $10 million in revenue (split fairly evenly between GA and Tribes) so overall we spend about $40 million running the company vs $10 million in revenue.

Smite, on the other hand, has had the pleasure of not just being Hi-Rez’s most popular title, but has grown in revenue and traffic since its launch and continues to grow every month. The team working on Smite has grown from an initial 15 to 80 members, and Hi-Rez has seen interest from outside publishers including Tencent to release the game in China.

(Source: Smite Subforum)

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