Trion Removes Falling Damage


When you have a game centered around exploration, taking a tumble off the side of a cliff can be, well, deadly. One criticism players have held with Rift is over the fact that their character’s bones are made out of crepe paper, as it is apparently rather easy to die from falling off of low heights. In response, Trion added this little note into hotfix #2 for patch 2.1 earlier this month:

Taking damage from falling should be slightly more survivable.

Oh patch notes, you are so silly. The “slightly” is a bit of an understatement, as it is impossible to die after leaping from off of a cliff (unless of course you fall into a pit of spikes or, say, a bag of vipers). Not everyone was entirely pleased with the response of removing fall damage, and Daglar from Rift posted on the forums to explain the update:

When we looked at falling damage, it wasn’t from the perspective of “Zomgz lets dumb down the game because people will fall and then quit” – it was “Will removing this make the game as a whole more enjoyable for the most amount of people, and does it fit into what RIFT is.”

Falling damage, much like the dodo, is gone for good in Rift.

(Source: Rift Forums)

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