Trion Worlds To Sunset Devilian Following Developer Abandonment

It’s a tale as old as time. Developer abandons property and leaves publisher with no avenue to fix game issues or develop further content, and game eventually shuts down due to lack of ability to support itself. In this case, Bluehole Ginno was in charge of handling the further development of Devilian promptly abandoned the title to work on another title that MMO Fallout readers may be modestly aware of: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. The game has been in relative maintenance mode since that time.

The time of Devilians has drawn to a close; on March 5, 2018, the sun will set over a peaceful Nala for the last time. The time has come to lay down your arms and carry the laurels of your victories with you to other worlds.

Active players within the last 90 days will be eligible to receive a welcome pack to one of Trion’s other titles. The options available are listed below and at the announcement.

• ArcheAge – The Erenor Eternal Starter Pack, containing:
• Mirage Snowlion Mount
• Moonsand Fox Pet
• 50 Bound Tax Certificates
• 5 Bound Vocation Tonics
• 5 Bound Vocation Expertise Tonic
• 30 Days of Patron Status

• RIFT – The Ascended Essentials Pack, containing:
• Storm Legion Souls
• Nightmare Tide Souls
• Primalist Calling and Souls
• Ascended Souls
• 6 Character Slots per Server
• 2 Bag Slots (Slots 4 & 5)

• Trove – The Trove Essentials Pack, containing:
• Ten class Tokens
• Fire Wings
• Trovian Supercycle
• Tome: Dragon Coin
• Tome: Jade Clover
• 10 Omni Mount Unlockers
• Trove Topper
• S.S. TrovianTrovial Sail
• 50 Gem Booster Boxes
• 100 Bombs
• 15 days of Patron Pass time

• Defiance – T.I.T.A.N. Augment Bundle, containing:
• 250 Arkforge
• Random Legendary Chip
• Random Tradeable Legendary Shield (Titan’s Fury Synergy)
• (these items are claimable on one character)

• Atlas Reactor – All Freelancer Pack
• Includes every character ever made unlocked in Atlas Reactor

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