Trove Forces Cash Shop, Trion Worlds “It’s Just Business”


Trion Worlds has announced that upcoming updates to Trove will increase focus on the cash shop and reduce the ability to obtain certain things through gameplay. The announcement focuses on three aspects of Trove life: Cubits, classes, and patron. For starters, users will obtain cubits at a slower initial pace, with prices on the store going up and repeatable items heading into the store at some point. In addition, it will no longer be possible to buy classes with cubits.

Patron is Trove’s subscription program. To better advertise the feature going forward, players will begin seeing more promotions on the HUD and in the store,

We want to align the business of Trove with the game of Trove as much as possible. Some of you guys here on the forums even called us out this month on how our focus seemed to be trending towards the Chaos Chest rewards and not gameplay focused rewards. That’s a case where the balance has been getting away from us, and we want to make sure we are doing the most we can to both support Trove as a game and a business in a way that is aligned, not at odds.

The post also mentions requiring patron in order to access certain features. What those features are is unknown, Trion does not go into further detail. Later on in the same thread, it is revealed that those details have not been finalized.

Right now we’re looking for the right balance, once we have a final plan for exactly what Patron will unlock I’ll be sure to post it. While we work on that I wanted to get you guys advanced word that it was something we are planning.

(Source: Trove)

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