Valiance Online Nears Alpha Testing

City of Heroes feels like a long lost relative, when the title left us just a little over four years ago, but in that time a number of development studios have been working around the clock to bring us the spiritual successor. Valiance Online, one of those successors, is gearing up to present us with a working product as Silverhelm Studios has unveiled the coming playable alpha. The game will be available at the start for backers with servers opening up to the public afterward.

Check it out at the official website. Recent updates to the game include:

  • Combat improvements
  • Character generator 3.0
  • Addition of passive character traits such as water breathing, robotic, perceptive, etc.
  • Updates to the navigation system
  • Replacement minimap
  • Extensive “futuristic” updates to the environment
  • Release of list of archetypes in development including multiple pet classes
  • Integration of player character database in the game and website
  • Development of special rewards for investors
  • Major server code optimization
  • Preparation for Steam integration and launch
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