[Video] Kill Your eSports Career In 60 Seconds Or Less

(Video warning: Very loud, NSFW language)

How do you end your eSports career in less than the time it takes to order a Little Caesar’s Pizza? If you want the answer to this question, imagine the video above as something of a tutorial. Matt “Dellor” Vaughn, formerly of Toronto eSports, has left the scene after a mid-game tirade in Overwatch in which he shouts a racist slur for around 30 seconds straight after being killed by the other team’s Widowmaker, following a short exchange with his team.

Vaughn denies being racist in a subsequent message on Twitter, blaming everything from lack of sleep, frustration over internet problems, and the other player cheating.

The only thing I can say is that despite me using that word, I am not a racist. I was extremely upset, and I was trying to make the person I was angry with upset as well, and so I said the most offensive thing that came to mind.

Toronto eSports has posted a message that Vaughn has been removed from their organization.

Toronto Esports has today announced the release of Matt “Dellor” Vaughn from their organization, citing breach of contract. The circumstances of the dismissal relate to an incident where Dellor used abusive and discriminatory racial language while streaming. “Toronto Esports is an organization built on inclusivity, and we have always had a zero- tolerance policy for any forms of discrimination.” Said President Ryan Pallett. “Immediately upon learning of the incident, the player was interviewed, admitted to the offence, and was notified that his contract with the organization was being terminated”

This isn’t Vaughn’s first recorded incident of using racist language, another example can be found here.

(Source: Toronto eSports)

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