Warcraft Legacy Server Survey To Be Presented To Blizzard


Nostalrius isn’t the first, nor will it be the last World of Warcraft private server to meet the wrath of Blizzard’s legal team, but the shuttering of this service has undoubtedly opened a can of worms that I don’t think many people anticipated. Between a petition receiving over two hundred thousand signatures, a press that finally seems bent on supporting the user call for vanilla servers, and a ridiculous amount of coverage even outside the gaming press, Blizzard has effectively been forced to respond and take the Nostalrius effect seriously.

As it turns out, the Nostalrius team has been invited to Blizzard to become the ambassadors of the vanilla-demanding community. Nothing is being promised, but the team wants you to answer a poll on what kind of server you want. The poll asks some details, whether you are currently playing WoW (legitimately or otherwise), and why you decided to use private servers if you have. It also asks quite a few questions on your favorite eras of WoW, why they were your favorite, etc.

It’s a bit of a time investment, but well worth it. Hopefully we’ll hear more when the Nostalrius team returns from their meeting.

(Source: Survey)

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