Warhammer Online Shutting Down


Mythic Entertainment has announced that Warhammer Online will shut down this December. According to an update on the official website, it appears that Games Workshop has not renewed Mythic’s license, and as a result the game will no longer be able to operate.

We here at Mythic have built an amazing relationship working with Games Workshop creating and running Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning over the last 8 years. Unfortunately, as with all licensing deals they do eventually  come to end and on December 18th, 2013 we will no longer be operating Warhammer Online.

Warhammer Online launched in 2008 and while the game shattered pre-purchase records, it very quickly lost a majority of its subscribers and almost all of its over one hundred servers. The next couple of years were filled with more layoffs and more server closures as development on the game dwindled down to maintenance mode with a bare bones team. Eventually Mythic revealed that there was no chance for Warhammer to become free to play, as EA believed the product to be incapable of making back the money it would cost to make the transition.

For many of Warhammer Online’s past and current players, this announcement has been a long time coming.

(Source: Warhammer Online)

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