Wasting Time: Darkula

Here at MMO Fallout I occasionally like to bring attention to games that you can check out completely free of charge, but also games that are not MMOs and therefore 1.) will not require you to take them up as a full time job and 2.) won’t bombard you with microtransactions. These games are totally free. Today’s title is Darkula.

If you don’t know Darkula, you are probably not familiar with its creator Locomalito. Locomalito is the creation of one dude, and in between commercial releases occasionally will put out a freeware game. Darkula is that game.

Looking like it’s straight out of the C64/ZX Spectrum era, Darkula has a very simple premise: You are Darkula, and your goal is to pick up the lightbulbs in each level.

“Darkula is a frantic fixed platform game designed like a 1983 coin-op arcade. It mimic the technical specs of the time in terms of image and sound, but it goes further with a smooth playability and a scoring system carefully designed for local tournaments. Collect all the light bulbs to complete a level. Collect shining light bulbs consecutively to raise the challenge and earn a growing bonus. Be fast, don’t miss the special object and be careful with the monsters around!”

Darkula plays like the fourth screen of Donkey Kong but with a bit more strategy, since you’ll want to grab the flashing orbs in order to greatly increase your score multiplier. This is meant to recreate the arcade feel, after all, your whole goal is to git gud and get that high score up! If you want to check out Darkula, it’ll set you back approximately 22.4mb in space unzipped.

I also recommend checking out the other games on the website, many of which are completely free or have a free version. Why not? The only thing you’ll be wasting is time.

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