Weekend Wrapper: Still Not E3 Edition


This week marks a special occasion here at MMO Fallout, in that once again I am branching out. Check out the first episode of my weekly movie review podcast, Direct 2 Netflix. If you enjoy it, please subscribe and keep listening. We’ll have new episodes out hopefully every Monday.

As usual, the weekend wrapper looks at new games, news, and editorials from all over the web. If you have any articles to share, shoot it to us in an email to contact[at]mmofallout[dot]com.

MMO News:

  • APB Reloaded is getting a server merge and new engine.
  • Lego Universe was hindered by dong detection software and high costs of customer support.
  • ArcheAge’s ongoing server FAQ isn’t complete, nor are the answers final.
  • Jagex details RuneScape’s upcoming updates.
  • Daybreak Game Company is focusing its development on Everquest Next over Landmark.

In Other News:

  • Steam introduces 14 day refund policy.
  • Xbox One 1gb bundle leaked. (Via Eurogamer)
  • Lucas hits Smash Bros on June 14th (Via Eurogamer)
  • XCOM 2 is PC exclusive and won’t support gamepads at launch. (Via Polygon)
  • Fallout 4 confirmed. (Via Giant Bomb)
  • Dota 2 prize pool tops $11 million. (Via IGN)

Opinion Section:

Notable Releases:

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