What Happened: Global Adventures Abandoned And Left To Die

Global Adventures is a game that MMO Fallout gave away beta keys for back in December 2017, and the fact that so many keys were left to grab is probably an early warning that the game was going to go down like a wet fart. Actually, the fact that the game shut down rather quickly in China should be the first indication that a release westward would be a commercial failure, but here we are.

Like many of its kind, Global Adventures hit closed beta and then…disappeared. The last Tweet sent out by the Global Adventures account is from January 6, 2018. The latest news post on Steam is for maintenance on February 16, 2018. There are reviews in March that suggest the server was still online at that point, followed by a review in July noting the server being dead.

In their infinite disregard for community relations, Suba Games has never acknowledged the abandonment of Global Adventures, nor did they allow for refunds from players who purchased packs only to have the game abandoned in beta. Months later, they haven’t even bothered taking the game off of Steam or delisting it from their website. In fact, the only official acknowledgment comes from Suba’s community manager, who points to the developer PixelSoft suddenly disappearing after failing to fix major bugs in the game.

“I would like to clarify this time around that Suba Games is a publisher, not a developer. The developer for Global Adventures is PixelSoft, who seemingly disappeared after constantly failing to fix major bugs and making excuses about it. This makes it so Suba Games cannot deliver their promises of giving out exclusive rewards during open beta, as there probably never will be an open beta. Of course, I do not agree with the idea of selling early access and opening a closed beta cash shop when the developers have proven to be shoddy already.

“Since PixelSoft abandoned the game, there’s nothing Suba Games can do but to follow suit and abandon the game as well. Again, this does not excuse the terrible business decisions Suba Games ended up making to disappoint the fanbase of the game, especially with their no refund policy.”

Does anyone else remember Global Adventures’ short lived relevance?

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