What Is The Phoenix Project? And Heroes & Villains?


Normally this is where I’d post a picture of Bender with the caption “Fine, I’ll just make my own City of Heroes. With Blackjack, and hookers.” As it turns out, someone’s already beaten me to the punch, minus the blackjack and hookers of course. I know what you’re thinking: “Omali, are you seriously going to tell me that the City of Heroes community is joining together to build a community-driven MMO with an unprecedented level of communication between players and developers?” Absolutely, in fact your assessment is so accurate that I can only assume you already knew about it.

No, not content with the demise of their favorite MMO, certain members of the community have begun work on not just one, but two spiritual sequels to Paragon Studios’ work. The current project names are Heroes & Villains and the Phoenix Project.

Heroes & Villains, as described on the Titan Network:

We’re aiming to create a genuinely community-focused and driven game, with an unprecedented level of communication between its developers and players. Plan Z is just a collection of very passionate and very talented fans of comic books and games, so the line between developers and players is going to be very blurred, especially with the amount of consultation and feedback we’re going to be engaging in with other comic and gaming fans during the design process.

Heroes & Villains appears to be running off of the appropriately named Hero Engine, and work is already well under way. Heroes & Villains is to be set in Titan City, and by the looks of the current lore pages, will be filled with (soon to be) original heroes and villains.

Secondly, we have The Phoenix Project which is pretty similar in scope and focus.

Keep in mind that this is a spiritual successor. As such, we are not trying to completely replicate COH. This is creating a new game with the best parts of COH, and taking lessons from other games on how to improve the COH experience. This will not be identical to COH. That’s not possible without infringing, and I’d prefer to avoid any possible threats of lawsuit down the road. Right now, this is ALL conceptual building processes. But if worst comes to worst, we have to be able to produce a game concept that will sell to investors on December 1st. That is the immediate goal. Long-term goals need to be kept in mind too, and we need to remain flexible.

It is hard to deny the ambitious nature of these projects, but who knows? We may one day be playing a proper community-developed MMO.

(Heroes and Villains Website)

(Phoenix Project Website)

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