Wild Terra Beta Key Giveaway


MMO Fallout has partnered with Wild Terra to hand out beta keys to 30 lucky (or fast acting) gamers. Wild Terra bills itself as an MMO life simulator in a fully developed player-driven medieval world. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking approval and Juvty Worlds would like to get you in as soon as possible.

Check out the trailer and grab a key for yourself. Players will also receive a Steam key once the game goes live on said platform. Don’t forget to vote for Wild Terra on Steam Greenlight (link above).

[keys id=17258]

That player gets after the activation key:
– Early access to the game
– 5 premium days
Instructions on how to activate the key:
1. go to the website http://www.playwildterra.com/
2. Download and install the game client http://www.playwildterra.com/files/
3. Launch the game, sign up and enter the key.
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