Winter Celebrations Begin Around Perfect World’s Library

Winter is here, and that means seasonal events returning to your favorite MMOs. Perfect World Entertainment has officially announced its schedule for December, starting with most of its library this week with Neverwinter’s Winter Festival next week.

The list of festivities includes:

  1. Neverwinter Winter Festival of Simril: December 14-24, complete events to win event-exclusive mounts, companions, and costumes.
  2. Star Trek Online Q’s Winter Wonderland: December 7 – 18, help Q defeat the Kramp’lhri, compete in ice races, and more to earn exclusive cosmetics including a winter sweater worn by Wesley Crusher.
  3. Champions Online Attack of the Misfit Toys: December 7 – January 4, defeat the deadly toys unleashed on the city for new winter themed costumes.
  4. Perfect World International: (Varying) A slew of winter updates await, including login rewards, special NPCs, and more.
  5. Forsaken World: (Varying) In-game events, login rewards, and photo contests abound guarantee that players will receive their share of presents this month.
  6. Swordsman: December 21-26, earn charge points for logging in and exchange them for rewards.

You can learn more about any game’s upcoming events by heading over to the official Arc Games website.

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