Wizardry Online Pulled From Steam To Address Issues


Wizardry Online has officially launched, and the problems appear to be stacking against Sony Online Entertainment. Players are reporting issues including being unable to create characters, rampant server instability, a mass of gold farmer spam in chat, disconnections and other bugs resulting in item loss and permanent death, and more. While Sony runs around performing maintenance on the servers and releasing patch after patch in an attempt to fix the issues, several keen players on the forums noted that Wizardry Online has been removed from Steam.

SOE Community Manager Piestro posted to confirm that Wizardry has been removed, but that the removal was voluntary and performed by Sony itself, not Valve.

It wasn’t steam, we’ve removed the download for the time being as we resolve the current issues.

Wizardry Online will presumably be added back to the Steam library once the issues are ironed out.

(Source: Wizardry Forums)

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