WoW Vanilla Server Demands Resurface Ahead of Blizzcon


Blizzcon is right around the corner, and while eyes may be directed on upcoming content for Blizzard’s many titles, whether or not Diablo IV will be a thing, and if Blizzard realizes that everyone already knows about Sombra, others are looking to the past. More specifically, a new petition has surfaced asking Blizzard to give consideration to vanilla servers for World of Warcraft. The petition was started by Mark Kern, a controversial figure, ex-World of Warcraft developer, and founder of Red 5 Studios.

Kern’s petition has drawn some criticism over asking players to bring up Legacy at panels during the convention, despite Blizzard’s previous statement that vanilla servers would not be part of the convention schedule. Blizzard’s past statements have offered a glimmer of hope into the prospect of “pristine” servers (not legacy), however the company has been silent about any concrete plans. Whether or not the company will reveal anything more detailed will need to be seen.


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