Xsyon Boosts Wildlife In New Patch

Xsyon Sandbox MMORPG 20130809 1

One of our favorite aspects on Xsyon here at MMO Fallout is the fact that wildlife actively moves around and repopulates. In a recent content update, Notorious games has given the rambunctious little critters a shot of adrenaline and hormones. Populations will see a growth in numbers, as well as taking a migration path that results in a more balanced wildlife distribution. Creatures that win fights with other animals or against players will level up and become more powerful and dangerous, and species with dwindling numbers will take some extra time for the old child making.

That said, don’t hide under your bed just yet. Creature health has been reduced somewhat, allowing newer players to jump into the fray without being completely steamrolled by a squirrel, no matter how vicious those critters are known to be. Older creatures will also drop more materials when they die.

(Source: Xsyon Press Release)

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