Xsyon Improves Free to Play Trial

Xsyon Sandbox MMORPG 20141017_01

Xsyon is a free to play sandbox MMO which features an extensive terraforming and construction system, but up until now you had to be a paying subscriber to truly make an impact on the world. In the latest update, Notorious Games has opened up homesteads to free players, allowing them to build and shape to their heart’s content. Free players will now be able to form tribes of their own and tinker with the game’s architecture system.

Starting this week, new players can join the Xsyon community and start their own tribe for free. Creating their own homesteads, new free players can shape the land explore the game’s extensive architecture system on their own, without the aid of other game citizens!

Judging by a forum post, the ability to create tribes and terraform is set to a seven day trial.

(Source: Notorious Games press release)

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