ZX Spectrum Websites Taken Over By Internet Trolls

It looks like the tribulations of Retro Computers Ltd never seem to cease. In an update posted to Indiegogo backers today, Retro Computers Ltd has warned that their domains have been taken over by a third party and are redirecting to other websites (full announcement below). The zxvega.co.uk domain now redirects to a website “Bum Fun Gaming,” who hosts a Youtube channel heavily criticizing the company while the retro-computers.co.uk domain is forwarding viewers to a website that has been archiving the events of the Vega+ crowdfunding campaign.

It is unknown at this time what involvement, if any, the hosts of these websites have. While Retro Computers Ltd. is referring to this incident as a security breach, domain records for both websites suggest that both domains were not renewed by a third party company put in charge of managing said domains, and as such both were opened up to the public. RCL has denied these claims and is stating that they owned the domains until 2018.

We have been made aware that late yesterday afternoon a security breach occurred on a number of domains belonging to Retro Computers Limited.  This includes the zxvega.co.uk and retro-computers.co.uk URLs

We do not currently have control of these domains and an unauthorised third party has taken over these accounts. We we are working to recover our property from this person or persons whom we have identified and reported to Action Fraud and the Metropolitan police.

For security reasons please only contact us through the Indiegogo portal and not via emails that contain either URL  We will provide a new email address for team members in the very near future.

Do not send any personal details via email and this information may not be secure.

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