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Playstation Plus Not Required For F2P/MMOs

So not everyone is all too thrilled that Playstation Plus is going to require an online subscription starting with the PS4. There is good news in all of this, however. Dual Shockers has discovered an interview with Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studio President, where Yoshida confirms that there are special cases where games like […]

Battle For Graxia Is Going To Hurt Petroglyph

What does free to play, MOBA, MMORTS, and a well known IP have in common? All three fall under what I call the line of presumed success that isn’t so much of a line as it is a painting of a hole in the wall set up by a cunning cartoon coyote to entrap businesses […]

Tabula Rasa Revival Petition

By the time it shut down, Tabula Rasa had a small but very dedicated community, and when NCSoft did announce that the servers would be coming down fans were enraged twofold. First for the simple fact that the game had launched in a rather poor state and the fan perception that NCSoft didn’t do a […]

Blizzard’s Titan MMO Rebooted, Restructured

“Interested” isn’t quite the word I would use to describe my attitude toward Blizzard’s upcoming MMO, Titan. It isn’t anything personal against the developer or the game itself, it’s just that at this early of a stage in development where everything we know about the title is from rumors and even the title itself is […]

Changyou Plays The Victim With Project Tank Lawsuit

It takes a certain kind of person to deny any wrongdoing when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, while their hand is still in the jar. But once you’re caught, you might as well try to save face and play the victim, right? With the lawsuit moving forward by over […]

Wargaming Sues Chinese Developer Over World of Tanks Ripoff

There are only two certainties in life: Death, and that if there is a product in existence, China has ripped it off and claimed it as its own. Now you can find a ripoff of just about anything in China, including MMO Fallout as I recently discovered. Litigation against these companies is generally extremely difficult, […]

Night Cap: Does Account Expiration Inspire You?

Tonight’s night cap asks the question: Are you intimidated by threats of account deletion? Owing to how rare it is to find a company that is actually willing to delete characters/accounts these days, you might occasionally find an email in your inbox stating “thank you for playing, but due to inactivity your account/characters will be […]

Paragon Studios Discusses Its Closure

It’s been five months since City of Heroes shut down, and the more we hear about the events surrounding the closure of Paragon Studios, the less realistic that NCSoft’s explanation that they had “exhausted all options” seems to become. Gamasutra has published a very informative piece on the closing of Paragon Studios, detailing how Paragon […]

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts

In a truly disappointing move, Disney has confirmed to Game Informer that the game publishing subsidiary LucasArts has been shut down, accompanied by an expected number of layoffs associated with such a change. Instead, LucasArts will move toward licensing rather than developing games based on the Star Wars franchise. “After evaluating our position in the […]

Dungeon Fighter Online Shutting Down In North America

Dungeon Fighter Online launched in 2009 in North America and despite some complaints about issues with gold spam, it was actually a fun game to play. Despite the shortcomings of gold farmers and hackers, DFO was a solid side scrolling hack and slash game, one that probably deserved a much warmer reception than it apparently […]