Heroes & Generals Is Officially Dead Now

Servers are offline.

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Leafling Online Announces Sunset

Early access MMO to shut down.

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Square Enix Abandons Yet Another Game

Echoes of Mana announces sunset.

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Heroes & Generals Is Also Shutting Down, Folks

To bring the weekend to a close.

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Knockout City To Close, Private Servers Coming

So it’s not all bad.

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Apex Legends Mobile Is Shutting Down

Servers to close down May 1.

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Rumbleverse Is Dead After Six Months

Servers to shut down February 28. Continue reading “Rumbleverse Is Dead After Six Months”

Konami Abandoning Crimesight After 9 Months

All one players must be disappointed.

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Marvel’s Avengers Is Ending Development

But not shutting down.

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Square Enix To Abandon Its Final Fantasy BR

Servers shutting down January 11, 2023.

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