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Bad Press: Kotaku’s Owner Demands Removal of Article Criticizing Obnoxious Ads

How do you guarantee that something will gain traction on the internet? Try to silence it. Kotaku today penned an editorial from the staff explaining to readers that ads are not at the discretion of the editorial team. More specifically, the editorial team has no input over the obnoxious automatically playing video ads with sound […]

Bad Press: Witness One Angry Gamer Content Manager’s Racist Meltdown (Language Warning)

Today’s Bad Press article is less of an article and more of an image gallery. It comes to us from One Angry Gamer, specifically content manager William Usher (BillyD) having an absolute emotional breakdown over people criticizing the game Star Citizen, of which Billy has personally invested a substantial amount of money for a video […]

Everyone Missed It: Daybreak Permanently Closes Everquest Player Studio

Since Daybreak has fallen out of the public spotlight, nobody notices when they shut things down anymore. Flashback to March 1 and you will find producer Nick Silva stating that the player studio is absolutely not dead, and will in fact return better than ever. “In the meantime, we will be evaluating options for overhauling […]

[Bad Press] Kotaku Lies About Smash, Doubles Down

Kotaku UK, a website that bills itself as “Kotaku, but without the integrity of Jason Schreier.” When Kotaku UK isn’t pumping out plain old clickbait compost for articles, they’re pumping out slanderous clickbait compost. Last night marked the launch of Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0, and also the release of Nintendo’s first DLC fighter Joker from […]

Bad Press: The Internet Falls For Another Con Artist [Fortnite Edition]

The internet has a such a vibrant imagination. For those of you healthy adults who don’t follow Fortnite news, Epic yesterday was accused of stealing artwork and using it as a cosmetic costume in their battle royale shooter. The tweet highlighting the claim showcased a Deviant Art user’s creation submitted September 2018 compared to the […]

Bad Press: How The Net Got Scammed By (Yet Another) Marketing Scheme

In the world of marketing, you’re only as valuable as the number of people still talking about you. This is why Coca Cola, a company who you could only be unfamiliar with if you live in one of those tribes that hasn’t yet come into contact with outside society, spends billions (with a B) of […]

Bad Press: No, NDTV, Civilization VI Isn’t Milking Its Users For Data

Civilization VI has become the latest Steam title to play victim to review bombing, and players are incredibly unhappy about recent changes to the game’s End User Licence Agreement. But are they correct in their conclusions? It doesn’t seem so. The gist of the controversy seems to be coming from this particular extension of the […]

Bad Press: Disbarred Ex-Lawyer Jack Thompson Returns, Is Still A Pathological Liar

Jack Thompson is much more than the pathological liar on a never ending quest to destroy video games. He’s also a disgraced ex-lawyer disbarred over ten years ago for no less than 31 charges of inappropriate conduct inside and out of the courtroom, for intimidating and harassing opposition, whose rambling court arguments have been described […]

Bad Press: The Curious Case Of Anthem And Stream Bans

For today’s bad press, I’m going to single out a certain Youtuber who goes by The Quartering even though he isn’t the only offender here. In case you haven’t been paying attention to Youtube drama news over the past couple of days, an incident occurred last week after a user began streaming alpha footage of […]

[NM] Bad Press: Don’t Read Too Much Into Konami’s Trademark Renewals

Konami this week silently renewed its trademarks for Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid in Europe and the press is already speculating on what this could mean: A Playstation Classic lineup? Remakes? Remasters? A surprise announcement at the game awards? Don’t hold your breath. This story comes up whenever a developer is found to renew […]

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