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What is MMO Fallout?

Massively Multiplayer Fallout is a hybrid news/editorial website dedicated to the subsection of video gaming referred to as “Massively Multiplayer Online.” While other genres in gaming succeed generally off of initial sales, MMOs rely on forming long term relationships with their customers, through one form or another (commonly through subscriptions and cash shop sales). Since World of Warcraft burst on to the scene in 2004, the industry has become larger than any of us could have predicted, to the point where choices are numerous, the market has become saturated, and competition is cutthroat.

This is where MMO Fallout comes in. My primary focus lies in informing customers, both new and existing, as to current events with their respective companies. As I stated, MMOs are about the long term investment, and people have questions before they sign up: How healthy is the developer? If the game is under performing, are they more likely to fix it or shut it down? How is the customer support? What transitions has the company made? There are plenty of other websites hosting patch notes and developer blogs, this is not the place for shameless self promotion.

I also talk about how the MMO genre is generally a forerunner in industry practices, be it live servers, continued support, microtransactions, and even bringing free to play to a AAA level of quality.

MMO Fallout complies with the Federal Trade Commission “Blogger Rules” and does not perform secret paid endorsements. As a one man operation, however, I occasionally rely on nudges from developers and community members to point me to games worth taking a look at that I have either passed over or haven’t noticed.

What Can I Do For MMO Fallout?

MMO Fallout is always looking for writers. If you have a keen grasp of the English language and would like to join a growing website and talk about your favorite MMOs, don’t be afraid to drop us an email at the link below. We are looking for people with in-depth knowledge of various MMOs, people in-tune with a certain game’s community. If you have a story you would want to share with us on your favorite MMO, also consider dropping us a line.

Who is Connor?


I’ve been writing as long as I could hold a pen, and publishing my material online since 2002. MMO Fallout is the end product of my dissatisfaction with how the major journalists tend to focus on publishing patch notes and press releases or jumping the bandwagon without necessarily going deeper into the story. I also discovered an endless stream of topics that often don’t find much conversation outside of quickly forgotten forum threads, and wanted to give the brilliant writers behind them a voice.

I currently hold my Associates degree in Communications while I work towards my Bachelor’s in the same field. My dream job is talk radio.

There are many ways you can contact me, foremost through the comment system that requires no registration nor personal information. Due to multiple phishing attempts on my game accounts, I will no longer be displaying them.

Web Developer: David O’Boyle

Hello, I’m David O’Boyle and I provide the web design, graphic design formatting and maintenance for Connor’s website.  I’ve been interested in web design forever, and have a small portfolio of professional sites, smaller community portals and personal blogs. I currently run my own personal blog and professional portfolio. Although graphic and web design are a big interest of mine, they are only sideline hobbies.

I’m in the middle of my degree in BSc (Hons) Computer Networks & Security at Staffordshire University, England. But for now, I’m living abroad working as a CALO Network Engineer at Cisco Systems on a one year internship in Brussels, Belgium.

If you feel the need to contact me for anything you can do so at my Professional portfolio linked above.

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