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What is MMO Fallout?

For Developers: For the security of our friends and as a courtesy, as a policy we do not proactively reach out for reviews codes. If you receive any contact from someone claiming to represent MMO Fallout and asking for keys to review/give away, discard it. It is 100% a scam. I do not run giveaway contests.

MMO Fallout is a hybrid news/editorial website dedicated to the subsection of video gaming referred to as “Massively Multiplayer Online.” While other genres in gaming succeed generally off of initial sales, MMOs rely on forming long term relationships with their customers, through one form or another (commonly through subscriptions and cash shop sales). Since World of Warcraft burst on to the scene in 2004, the industry has become larger than any of us could have predicted, to the point where choices are numerous, the market has become saturated, and competition is cutthroat.

This is where MMO Fallout comes in. My primary focus lies in informing customers, both new and existing, as to current events with their respective companies. As I stated, MMOs are about the long term investment, and people have questions before they sign up: How healthy is the developer? If the game is under performing, are they more likely to fix it or shut it down? How is the customer support? What transitions has the company made? There are plenty of other websites hosting patch notes and developer blogs, this is not the place for shameless self promotion.

MMO Fallout complies with the Federal Trade Commission “Blogger Rules” and does not perform secret paid endorsements. As a one man operation, however, I occasionally rely on nudges from developers and community members to point me to games worth taking a look at that I have either passed over or haven’t noticed.

To reach out to MMO Fallout for any reason, drop an email to contact[at]mmofallout[dot]com.