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Funcom Quarterly Report Notes 10 Active Projects

Funcom has released their third quarter financial performance and the results are up and down. Revenue is down from $7.5 million last year to $5.4 million this year which can be blamed on Conan Exiles having a strong launch in Q2 and Q3 of 2018. Funcom did not launch a title in Q3 2019, however […]

Google Finally Announces Stadia Launch Titles, There Are Twelve

No need to hold your breaths any longer, as Google has finally unveiled the launch titles for Google Stadia and a whole week before the service launches. Google Stadia goes live on November 19, but you can feast your eyes on the games that will be available on launch day right now. All twelve of […]

Pre-Reg For Black Desert Mobile, Get Free Copy On PC/Console

Following a successful pre-registration campaign, Black Desert Mobile is set to launch globally on December 11. Currently soft launched in seven countries, Black Desert Mobile is hitting iOS and Android at the end of the year and bringing with it new gameplay features in nine languages. To celebrate the campaign, all pre-registrations through the official […]

PSA: Need For Speed: Heat Will Be (Almost) 50% Off This Month

Need For Speed: Heat is the latest title in the popular Need for Speed franchise, and those of you who went out of your way to buy it on day one are set to be rewarded by paying a $30 premium for a couple of weeks head start. Need for Speed is going on heavy […]

Sony’s Cartridge Patent May Mean Absolutely Nothing

With Disney Plus launching on Tuesday and Google Stadia not out for over a week, it’s time to set our sights on 2020 and that can only mean one thing; Next gen console speculation. Letsgodigital is reporting that Sony has filed a patent for a game cartridge in Brazil. Not a whole lot about the […]

Call of Duty, WoW Classic Make Activision Blizzard Mucho Dinero

The success of World of Warcraft Classic could only come as a shock to J. Allen “You think you do but you don’t” Brack, but to the rest of the world the idea that the classic servers brought back a lot of players isn’t surprising in the least. Activision released their third quarter statements for […]

Pearl Abyss Announces Three New MMOs

Pearl Abyss today has dropped a surprise ahead of the annual Pearl Abyss Connect event in the form of three new games under development. PLAN 8 is an exosuit MMO shooter. DokeV is a collectible MMORPG for all ages. Crimson Desert is an open-world MMORPG set in an epic-fantasy world. Pulling no punches, Pearl Abyss […]

China Clamps Down On Child Spending, Adult Gambling In Games

Sorry industry! China, a country famous for its friendliness toward entertainment media, has officially begun cracking down on the gaming industry in the name of protecting vulnerable citizens. As reported by NPR, the move outlines six initiatives to prevent minors from indulging in online games. Minors are restricted to playing 90 minutes of video games […]

Striker/Tamer Out Now On Black Desert (PS4)

Today marks the launch of two new classes in Black Desert on the Playstation 4; the Striker and Tamer. The Striker class is a melee fighting class that specializes in hand-to-hand attacks to bring down his enemies. The Tamer as you might expect is joined by her animal companion and utilizes powerful area of effect […]

Vicious Circle Goes Free To Play, Refunds Everyone

Back in September we reported on the failed launch of Vicious Circle, the latest title from Rooster Teeth Games. In that time, the crew has been working behind the scenes and at the start of the month announced that not only would Vicious Circle be going free to play, but that those who bought founders […]

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