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Alganon Has Not Been Sunset, Is Still Planning A Comeback

Alganon isn’t dead, it’s merely resting. You may be surprised to read that Alganon’s servers went down for maintenance and migration in November 2017 and haven’t been up since. In that time, Derek Smart’s company 3000AD has bought out Quest Online and now owns the Alganon game, the company is moving its servers to cloud-based […]

Line of Defense To Split: Line of Defense and All Out War

Turns out Daybreak isn’t the only company that can split its games in half. It’s been a while since we last heard from Derek Smart’s Line of Defense, the Planetside-competing open world shooter. According to the latest dev blog, 3000ad is wrapping up remaining features and continuing to port the game to Unreal 4 engine. […]

Line of Defense Leaving Steam

3000AD has announced that Line of Defense is leaving Steam, citing trolling and harassment from the community. In a post on the Steam forums, Derek Smart points to the lack of developer control when it comes to review bombing, the lack of proper moderators employed by Valve, and a lack of control over ratings and […]

Star Citizen Threatens Lawsuit Against Escapist Magazine

If you haven’t been paying attention to the ongoing drama surrounding Star Citizen, the public spat between Chris Roberts and Derek Smart has expanded to include a very critical article published, and subsequently backed up by, The Escapist. The article alleged discriminatory practices at CIG against racial minorities, enforced by Roberts’ own wife, that Roberts […]

Derek Smart, Indie Devs, And Death Threats

As those of you who follow my Twitter account (see right hand side of page) know, I spent a good part of last night following up on a story that broke earlier in the day yesterday. Derek Smart, game developer and ex-Star Citizen pledge, posted via social media that he had received a death threat […]

Derek Smart: There Will Be A Lawsuit

If Cloud Imperium Games thought that booting Derek Smart out as a customer would be the end of the story, they were sorely mistaken. Smart has been heading a crusade against Star Citizen over claims that the game, as it is currently being promised, can never be made. The two parties have been going back […]

Derek Smart Enlists Law Firm, Threatens Lawsuit

If you haven’t been keeping up with the kerfuffle between Derek Smart and Chris Roberts, it goes as follows: Derek Smart has been a very vocal critic of Star Citizen and Chris Roberts, over the fact that the game’s funding has grown to a massive level and over Smart’s belief that the growing scope of […]

CIG Might Refund $2.1 Million Kickstarters, Derek Smart Promises Lawsuit

Cloud Imperium Games publicly announced that they refunded Derek Smart’s Kickstarter pledge and disabled his account may strike as odd, given they accused him of using the game to push his own MMO, and even odder if you consider that Smart allegedly has never posted on their forum. On his Twitter account, Smart reacted to […]

Derek Smart Used Star Citizen “To Promote His Line of Defense Game,” Smart Refunded & Banned

In what might be the first case of public corporate banning, CIG’s Ben Lesnick has posted a message on the official forums announcing that they have refunded Derek Smart’s Kickstarter pledge and disabled his account, effectively telling the veteran developer that he is no longer welcome as part of the community. In a thread discussing the […]

Ben Lesnick Addresses Recent Criticisms Of Star Citizen

Ben Lesnick (not Chris Roberts) of Cloud Imperium Games has posted a very long and detailed Q&A session on the official Star Citizen forums in an effort to improve communication and dispel recent criticism. The response is at least partially due to the wide coverage last week of a heavily critical piece posted by Derek Smart, […]

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