Derek Smart Promises Alganon Coming Back Again

For serious.

It is Wednesday March 9 in the year of Arnold, and that means we’re talking about Alganon again. You know, that game whose downtime we celebrated the four year anniversary of last November. Now Derek Smart has been heralding the coming of Alganon for years, ever since its servers went down in 2017 for a server transfer that transitioned into a move to cloud-based servers, a tummy tuck, marketing, full dental reconstruction, and a global relaunch.

Now given the four year transition with no concrete information you may have assumed that the sloth hired to physically transfer Alganon’s data to a new server farm had gotten lost at the Sheboygan Applebees. But that is not the case. Smart himself showed up on the forums this week in fact to state that doubters will be questioning in the coming weeks how much they like them apples. I like my apples baked with some cinnamon sugar.

Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself.

To all the doubters and unbelievers, in the coming weeks, please let us know how you like ’em apples.

To the rest of you, I said that the game would be back. If it wasn’t, I would have said so – and it wouldn’t be the first MMO game to sunset.

Alganon is coming back. And it’s gonna be epic.

You owe me four and a half years of offline leveling time, plus interest. Chop chop, Mr. Smart.

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