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Alganon: Mostly Negative Reviews And QOL Backlash

Alganon on Steam currently holds a “mostly negative” rating, with 31% of 108 reviews painting the game in a positive light. Many of the negative reviews appear to focus around the game’s one-time purchase to remove certain account limitations, along with players who had been banned from the forums writing a review about the company’s […]

Alganon Patches In Steamworks Support

Quest Online has revealed that Alganon will be coming to Steam next month. Alongside a number of other fixes and tweaks, support for Steamworks was added in the latest Alganon patch. According to Quest Online, Alganon will officially be on Steam next month. Implemented support for SteamWorks backend services. Yes, Alganon is coming to Steam next […]

Alganon Expansion Hits January 28th

After a long time waiting, Alganon’s expansion Rise of the Ourobani will be releasing next week on January 28th. Developed by 3000AD, Rise of the Ourobani introduces a third faction to Alganon with the interesting twist that, rather than opposing both factions, the Ourobani will aid whichever side happens to be losing at the time […]

Derek Smart Returns: Free To Play, Line of Defense, Lockboxes

It’s been a while since we last talked to Derek Smart. A year and a half, almost, if you’ve been keeping count. Last time we talked about Quest Online and Alganon, focusing on aspects of free to play and how Quest Online was promoting the game. With the approach of Line of Defense and a […]

Alganon Comic Available

About a week ago I did a quick look at the Fall of the Ourobani comic from DC Comics and Quest Online. I pointed out that, although short and the dialogue leaves much to be desired, it does its job of setting up the plot for the upcoming expansion and introduction of who the Ourobani […]

Week In Review: Too Much Ravioli Edition

I hope Bioware can survive its community, and I mean this with the sincerest of honesty. I’ve had a full month of experience playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and although I sent a good amount of feedback to Bioware via their surveys included with the demonstration copy, I want to issue one of my […]

Quick Look: Alganon, Fall of the Ourobani Comic

I review Alganon’s comic book: Fall of the Ourobani.

Alganon Comic Book Coming This Year

I know what you’re thinking, and put your calendars away because we’re talking serious brass tacks here. Not too long ago, Derek Smart announced that Alganon would be receiving a comic book, with the first issue taking place before the upcoming expansion, revealing more about the third race coming to Alganon: The Ourobani. In a […]

Alganon: Free Server Transfers to Europe

Every time I write an article about Alganon, I inevitably get the same question: Omali, why do you bother reporting on this game? My answer is a rather simple one: I believe that Alganon does not receive the attention it should be getting. I’ve never broken the cardinal rule of MMO Fallout (never report just […]

Derek Smart Talks: Alganon, Free To Play

I know what you’re thinking: “Omali, you clearly don’t have a punchline ready for this segment,” and you would be one hundred percent correct, but I have good news. In my continuing efforts to branch MMO Fallout from the normalcy of sarcastic comments, random videos, rants, sales, and “I told you so” moments, I’ve decided […]

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