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Daybreak Game Company Registers Dimensional Ink Games

Daybreak Game Company looks like it’s getting closer to announcing a reverse Voltron move, splitting the business into multiple parts for one reason or another. We’ve been following this for quite some time. Earlier this year, Daybreak began registering trademarks for new studio names that appear to be centered around its major IPs: Golden Age […]

[NM] Rooster Teeth’s Game Launches, Immediately Dies

Vicious Circle is a game developed by Rooster Teeth Games and launched on August 12, 2019 making it just one month old as of this week. It looks like No Man’s Sky and not just because you’ll have to fly across the galaxy in order to find another person. It labels itself “an uncooperative multiplayer […]

Fallen Earth Is Dead, But May Return

Fallen Earth is celebrating its ten year anniversary with the announcement that the servers are coming down. It isn’t the way most companies want to celebrate their game growing old, but the unfortunate reality is that the game is just unsustainable in its current form. As Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit stated: I’m sad […]

[Column] Champions of Titan, or, Schrödinger’s MMO

What is an MMO? A miserable pile of microtransactions. Today I’d like to talk about Champions of Titan, or my preferred title; Schrödinger’s MMO. You may recognize Champions of Titan by its previous namesake Wild Buster. Wild Buster along with Guardians of Ember and a few other titles were removed from the Steam store where […]

Whatever Happened To: Hello Kitty Online (Again!)

Hello Kitty Online. It can’t have been too long since I last updated everyone on what is going on with this quirky little game for kids who absolutely do not view this website. But Connor, I hear you shout into your computer, if you bothered to check your own post history once in a while […]

Everybody Missed It: Trials of Ascension Is Finally Dead Again

If this is the last I genuinely have to hear about Trials of Ascension, I will eat my hat. When the Earth ices over and humanity has disappeared, futuristic aliens will come to Earth and one day read about Trials of Ascension, the most incompetently led MMO that never made it to to launch and […]

Everyone Missed It: Daybreak Permanently Closes Everquest Player Studio

Since Daybreak has fallen out of the public spotlight, nobody notices when they shut things down anymore. Flashback to March 1 and you will find producer Nick Silva stating that the player studio is absolutely not dead, and will in fact return better than ever. “In the meantime, we will be evaluating options for overhauling […]

Bless Online Goes Offline September 9

Among the splendor of the E3 game reveals, Neowiz has announced that Bless Online will be shutting down in the west as of September 9. The title launched into early access on Steam one year ago in June 2018 to a respectable peak of 28,000 players but players very quickly jumped ship due to a […]

Atlas Reactor No Longer Sustainable, Will Shut Down

Trion World’s title Atlas Reactor will sunset on June 28, 2019. The title was launched in 2016 under Trion Worlds and transferred along with Trion’s other assets to Gamigo when the company suddenly shut down last year. Mervin Lee Kwai, Vice President of Development at gamigo and a former Executive Producer: “Atlas Reactor was a […]

Survived By Is Being Survived By Everything Else, Sunsetting In April

Early Access bullet-hell roguelite Survived By has been officially declared deceased. Human Head Studios announced the impending closure today with supporters receiving full refunds. The title released on December 5, 2018, and unfortunately just hasn’t gone as well as Human Head had planned. Steam Charts shows that Survived By launched to a peak of 2,500 […]

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