Heroes & Generals Is Officially Dead Now

Servers are offline.

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Kingshunt Has Termporarily Shut Down

Literally two months after opening the servers.

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Crowfall Is Shutting Down Already

Temporarily. Wink.

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WoW Classic Is Merging Servers

Something I never thought we’d say.

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Gran Skrea Online Is Shutting Down

Abandonware title.

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Kritika: Reboot Officially Dead Today


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Bloodhunt’s Servers Shutting Down, For Now

As founder’s season comes to a close.

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Fortnite Shutting Down Chinese Servers

Servers to come down November 15.

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MMO Rogalia Shuts Down In July

That game you never heard of.

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Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade Sunsetting

Servers shut down this September.

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