Kingshunt Has Termporarily Shut Down

Literally two months after opening the servers.

Here’s a news story you might have missed because nobody covered it. Kingshunt, the 5v5 brawler, launched into early access on November 3. It’s already shutting down. Or more specifically I should say, it has already shut down. On December 22, the folks at Vaki Games announced that the servers would be taken down on January 6 temporarily. That’s three days ago, for those keeping track.

After careful consideration and deliberation, we have made a difficult decision to pull Kingshunt out from Steam. This means there will be no further updates or patches, and the servers will remain open until January 6, 2023. Our most difficult decision is also for the community, we want to be honest and respect your trust.

The official explanation is that the developer “[does] not have the bandwidth to both make new content and changes, while also running the live game.” In the meantime players can still download the game for free and play the PvE mode with bots.

When will Kingshunt come back? Only God knows.

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