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Z1 Battle Royale Will Shut Down South American Servers

Z1 Battle Royale, the PC shooter by Daybreak Game Company, is coming to an end on season 3 and bringing big changes with it. Chief among today’s announcements includes the reveal that Daybreak is shutting down Z1’s South America servers on April 30 to coincide with the end of season 3. This move will consolidate […]

En Masse Entertainment Will Close 22 TERA Console Servers

TERA publisher En Masse Entertainment this week announced a major culling to the game’s servers on Xbox One and Playstation 4. On August 21 of this year, both versions will see their server list massively reduced from 22 servers to seven. The remaining servers break down to four for PS4 (2 NA/2 EU), and 3 […]

Exploit Knocks Secret World Legends Into Extended Downtime

What originally began as a simple maintenance downtime has resulted in the Secret World Legends servers being offline for much of the day, with services now expected to resume at 5pm eastern. The downtime originates from an exploit discovered in the game that allowed players to generate mass quantities of currency. As a result, Funcom […]

WoW Vanilla Server Demands Resurface Ahead of Blizzcon

Blizzcon is right around the corner, and while eyes may be directed on upcoming content for Blizzard’s many titles, whether or not Diablo IV will be a thing, and if Blizzard realizes that everyone already knows about Sombra, others are looking to the past. More specifically, a new petition has surfaced asking Blizzard to give […]

In Plain English: Bassett V. Electronic Arts Dismissed

It’s been over a year since we last checked in on the curious case of Justin Bassett and Electronic Arts, so a brief history may be in order: Justin Bassett sued Electronic Arts over the company shutting down their game servers even though the games are still available in stores with online play advertised on […]

Mechwarrior Online Introduces New Server

Mechwarrior Online has continued its global expansion with servers now available for European gamers, situated out of Strassbourg. Pirhana Games has revealed that average ping times have dropped by an average of 50% with some areas seeing more than a 75% boost to latency. Servers will be available for Oceanic players next month. “The MechWarrior […]

Everquest 2 To Merge Servers

Daybreak Game Company has announced that servers for Everquest II will be merged at some point in the near future. In the latest producer letter, Holly Longdale announced that servers will be merged ahead of upcoming cross-server dungeon tech, with more details to follow in the coming months. We’ll give you specific dates as we […]

The EFF Wants DMCA Protection For Abandoned Games

When the servers shut down for your favorite games, often times players find themselves out of luck and with a product that is no longer usable. To make matters worse, attempts to recover the game by setting up private servers or releasing a program to circumvent the now-useless DRM, run the risk of being met […]

ArcheAge Adding Servers

ArcheAge’s launch is just a couple of days away, and players are already flooding the head start servers, resulting in long queues and a severe lack of housing space for intrepid explorers. In preparation for the full launch, Trion Worlds today launched two new servers. One server in North America and one in Europe. Both […]

Wildstar To Address Server Population

Carbine Studios has revealed over Twitter that an update is coming to address population issues on servers. No more details are available at this time. @GuildUMBRA @tonyrey @Pappylicious @WildStar we are working on some tech regarding that issue. You should hear about it soon. — Stephan Frost (@StephanFrost) August 25, 2014 (Source: Twitter)

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