Konami Abandoning Crimesight After 9 Months

All one players must be disappointed.

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Kingshunt Has Termporarily Shut Down

Literally two months after opening the servers.

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Amazon Says Fine, Unmergers Your Servers

New World gets new servers to replace the ones they merged.

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New World Killing Off Most Servers

As game drops below 20k concurrent.

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Royal Crown To Sunset Servers

On April 28.

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Mortal Online 2 Locks Down Discord

Players unhappy about server queues.

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New World Prepping More Server Mergers

In most territories.

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Respawn Will Stop Selling Titanfall

Promises to continue the “incredible universe.”

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New World Completes EU Server Rollback

Fixing problem caused by fixing problem caused by fixing problem.

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Hotcakes: Is Bloodhunt’s Downtime Sensible?

The game might be coming back, but will the player base?

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