Mortal Online 2 Locks Down Discord

Players unhappy about server queues.

Mortal Online 2 players aren’t very happy right now. Over nine thousand people are trying to play Mortal Online 2 as I am writing this article, which is good. Very few of them can actually get into the game. Which is bad. The game’s one global server policy has led to very long queues. Very, very long queues. You might think you’re at Disney World with these lines.

And if you thought about taking your frustrations to the game’s Discord…well you can’t. Or at least you couldn’t. As of about 4p.m. EST today, the game’s Discord were completely locked down to posting anything. Over on Steam, nearly 300 negative reviews have been posted today with players unhappy about the server state.

Subscription time is being paused until server issues are addressed, according to a Discord announcement:

We will pause all subscription time that is included in the game and make sure this is not enabled again until these issues are solved. If it’s possible we will also give the option for players to go back to haven if you are in queue.

The Discord has since been re-opened, with warnings that posting spam about the server queues will result in temporary mutes. It hasn’t done much to quell angry customers.

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