EA Checkup: Wild Terra 2 Year One

Wild Terra 2 is one year old.

Wild Terra 2 launched on Steam Early Access on January 28, 2021 which means the game has officially been out for one year. Juvty Worlds is a small development team of roughly four people. The game itself costs $34.99 and goes on heavy sale pretty much any time Valve has an event going on. There is no subscription after the box price, but the game does sell substantially more expensive backer packs up to $300 on the official website.

Generally speaking, Wild Terra 2 is as popular as you’d expect a full loot pvp game to be, with the game only breaking 200 concurrent players once over the last six months. The community is essentially as toxic as you’d expect from such a game as well, which is to say that Wild Terra 2 has exceptionally toxic members of the community. In my time playing the game, I’ve seen rather despicable forms of targeted harassment, including a user who after revealing the death of his mother, had players creating characters with names to mock that player’s dead mother and follow him around.

Juvty Worlds seems mostly unwilling to deal with players whose conduct would be out of line harassment even in the context of a full loot pvp game, and it has certainly caused damage to the player base by way of people leaving and souring its image. And as Wild Terra 2 has already quickly gone from a game that was so overloaded you couldn’t find real estate to a world where less than 200 people are spread out over multiple servers, the last thing this game needs is a big fat sign overhead with “toxic cesspit” written in neon letters. In fact every time I write about the harassment problems in Wild Terra 2, I’m bound to hear from someone who has decided against buying the game because of my commentary, or who had bought the game and since quit because of the issues I laid out.

Development on Wild Terra 2 is still ongoing, with regular content updates every few months. The goal of the team is to expand the main land over time, while also introducing mini-expansions of sorts in the form of new islands with varied biomes. PvE is a lot like Ultima Online, where you’ll be grinding thousands upon thousands of resources and items and mobs to slowly train your individual skills. There is no level cap, so you can max out everything on one character.

One of the big issues that potential players should consider is that Wild Terra 2 is a very small game with a very small community. As the game has gone on, the power imbalance has only grown wider between those at the top and those at the bottom. When your game is predicated on well-equipped players patrolling pvp zones (where the best resources are) to make life difficult for those working their way up, you have a problem. Demands have only grown for a PvE server, one that Juvty Worlds has so far completely ignored.

In terms of operation and considering Wild Terra is still alive despite its shoestring community size, I don’t see Wild Terra 2 shutting down any time soon. It can be picked up pretty cheap, and the developers as of now are still actively releasing content updates.

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