Hotcakes: Magic 2 Mastering Grave Digging

Burning the good will candle at both ends.

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Swords of Legends Online To Close

In June.

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Vindictus To Kill Its 32 Bit Client

This is 64 bit country.

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Heroes & Generals Is Officially Dead Now

Servers are offline.

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Video: NCSoft Shows MMORPG Spirit

Before Throne & Liberty.

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Black Desert Online Next Expansion Detailed

Land of the Morning Light.

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Hawken Reborn Loses 97% Of Its Users In A Week

With mostly negative reviews.

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Steam: Warhammer Underworlds Nukes Its DLC

It looks like it.

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Mobility: Alchemy Stars Reveals 2nd Anniversary


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NetEase Opens New Studio Run By Crooks

Bad Brain Game Studios opens in Canada.

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