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Civilization Online Goes Civilization Offline

XL Games has announced that Civilization Online will be closing down, with servers shutting off on December 6th. Initially soft launched into beta, XL Games drew criticism and disappointment from western gamers with the announcement that the plan was to only launch the game in Korea, at least for the time being. With the news […]

MMO Rant: Vote of No Confidence In Trion Worlds

I’ve been sitting at my computer trying to come up with a word to describe Trion Worlds, and so far the best that I’ve come up with is “impressed.” Not impressed in a good way, if you’ve noticed that this is a rant, but more impressed in the sense that you’ve walked into your home […]

One Hour Of Civilization Footage

Civilization Online is an upcoming MMO by XL Games and currently enjoying a closed beta in South Korea. While the title isn’t currently dated for a western launch, you can take a peek at the Korean beta by watching the video embedded below. The footage was recorded by Youtuber Surreal MMO.

Diaries From ArcheAge: Endless Review Queue

I feel like I’ve gotten a lot done since ArcheAge launched just a few days ago. Don’t believe me? I got my homework done in a timely fashion for my journalism class, and I even managed to level in Destiny to 23 with rank 1 in the Vanguard faction. At the rate things are going, […]

XL Games Layoffs Coming, Says Report

MMO Culture is reporting via Media IT that XL Games is about to undergo restructuring after the poor performance of ArcheAge in Korea. According to the report, recent updates including siege equipment were not received well by the community, with many complaints focused around ongoing balance issues between classes. The company’s decision to move ArcheAge […]

Look At Civilization Online, Don’t Touch

Civilization Online sounds like an amazing game: Players take the role of citizens in one of four civilizations and work together in order to achieve victory status for their respective faction. A mixture of A Tale In The Desert in a procedurally generated world, with sandbox elements and an emphasis on cooperation and exploration. You […]

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