Archeworld Review: It’s Broken Garbage

Literally can’t even install the game.

Archeworld is here, in case you’ve forgotten since not a single self-respecting MMO website is covering the launch in North America and Europe. So I decided to create an account and check the game out, and unsurprisingly I never got as far as actually installing and playing the game.

Why? Because the account creation service is a broken, convoluted, frustrating mess.

The first thing the game has you do is create an account, so I created mine with my existing Gmail account. Simple, right? Log in, do a few CAPTCHA processes, and now the next step is to create and verify your wallet. Luckily I already have a Metamask wallet and an extension set up. If you don’t have that expect another 20 minutes added to your registration.

So I click on the link, put in my information, sign the wallet verification, do the captcha, put in my information, sign the wallet, agree to the terms, sign the wallet, do the verification, and…the website fails to load.

Reload the page, sign back in, put my information in, agree to the terms, sign the wallet, agree to the terms, verify my information and…the website fails to load. Try this process three more times, have the website fail to work three more times, and back to the account page I go.

Now if you don’t want to or don’t have a Metamask wallet the website has the option of a Face Wallet with Google. In fact that is the recommended route. So with Meta Mask integration not working, I go and set up a Face Wallet instead.

Go through the process, create an account, create a PIN, sign my first born’s life away, verify my pin, do some more CAPTCHA, agree to the terms, verify my information, and then enter my pin to agree to the integration and…the website breaks.

Reload the website, do another CAPTCHA, verify my information, sign the agreement, verify my information, do a CAPTCHA, and the website breaks again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Maybe creating an account is the first boss of Archeworld, successful creation is the first RNG drop with a 1% success rate and you just have to keep trying until it stops not working for no discernable reason. Maybe it’s a sanity gate, where all the people who aren’t NFT sycophants realize it’s not worth the frustration to repeatedly try to break down the door to a game whose economy will be dead in two months.

All I know is I wasted roughly an hour that could have been spent doing something more valuable. Like building a giant hoagie.

One thought on “Archeworld Review: It’s Broken Garbage”

  1. The author clearly isn’t very bright and completely biased. The initial account creation process is tedious and the game installation is very different compared to normal games. Basically once you install the game, you have to go to their website to launch the game, cannot launch via your own desktop.
    Game is a good deal of fun and gives a good return on any money invested, even without playing. After I hit 55, the only thing I do in this game now is work my land and that gives me about a 20% return PER MONTH on my investment.

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