Web3 Battle Royale Game GRIT Is Out

Fight over NFTs like the cowboys did.

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Archeworld Review: It’s Broken Garbage

Literally can’t even install the game.

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Hotcakes: Square Enix Prepping For Failure

Company has no confidence in its NFT games.

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Hotcakes: Legends of Aria’s Witness Protection

Puts on fake mustache and changes its name.

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Quartz Hasn’t Had A Sale In A Month

Truly nobody cares about Ubisoft’s NFT venture.

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Kritika Global Selling $50 Character Slots

Because it’s pay to earn.

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Kritika Is Back As A P2E Game

Because there was no way this was staying dead.

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Habbo To Launch New Fungible Tokens

They’re like physical NFTs.

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Ubisoft Financial Report Ignores Quartz

Latest financial report does not mention them at all.

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Off The Grid Gets NFTs In Our Battle Royale

Of course.

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