Impressions: Kritika’s Gear Embarrassment

It sucks.

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Kritika Global Selling $50 Character Slots

Because it’s pay to earn.

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Kritika Is Back As A P2E Game

Because there was no way this was staying dead.

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Kritika: Reboot Is Shutting Down

Service ends in February.

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Kritika Reboot: Stop Buying Gold Ya Mooks

The Kritika Reboot team has not exactly been quiet about their bot-banning sprees, but you might not be aware that the company is going after gold buyers as well. This week the team at ALLM Co. posted a reminder to users; three strikes and you’re out. The message has been reposted below for your enjoyment.

Kritika:REBOOT responds seriously to all of illegal trades including trade in cash. When such behavior is caught, disadvantages can be applied as follows.

– 1st time caught : Sends Warning mail.
– 2nd time caught : 3 days account suspension
– 3rd time caught : Permanent account suspension.

Illegal trades effects bad influence to the economy of the game, we are sorry for those of you who play in manner.

We ask for your cooperation to form better environment of the game.
Thank you.

Source: Kritika

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