Kritika: Reboot Is Shutting Down

Service ends in February.

Here’s a story we missed hard. Kritika: Reboot is shutting down in February. Announced a few weeks ago, the reboot of the anime brawler game under ALLM Co., Ltd. will close its doors on February 16. The team seems to note that the game wasn’t quite up to customer expectations, as the closure notes they will aim to make a better game to fulfill players in the future.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce about closing current our Kritika:Reboot service, since we started at 13th November 2019. This decision was made relying on that it is hard to sustain our service anymore in spite of team members efforts meantime.

There are no closing events that we are aware of. Kritika: Reboot launched on November 13, 2019 following the closure earlier that year of Kritika Online by then-publisher En Masse Entertainment. As the developer of the game, ALLM shutting down their own version of publishing is likely a sign that the game will be going down for good this time. Unless another publisher somehow picks it up.

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