Ubisoft Invested In An NFT Company

Just to remind you that they have a stake in this grift.

The internet is reeling today over the abjectly ridiculous comments by Ubisoft VP Nicolas Pouard in an interview with Finder where Pouard seems to downplay the intelligence of customers angry about Ubisoft’s plans for NFT integration. Among other things that drew the internet’s ire, Pourard states that NFTs in games are beneficial for gamers, they just “don’t get it for now.”

So, it’s really, for them. It’s really beneficial. But they don’t get it for now.

However if you want to know why Ubisoft is tripling down on a scheme that has so far brought them nothing but ridicule and bad press, not to mention one that has so far been an embarrassment of low sales, I have the quick answer for you. Yesterday Frontier proudly announced their key investor; Ubisoft.


So yeah. Ubisoft is going to quadruple down on this garbage otherwise they’ll risk undermining their own investments. In other news, the latest Breakpoint NFT was minted and released. Only 200 were made, presumably to avoid prior bad press about how nobody is redeeming Ubisoft Quartz rewards.

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