The Division 2 Is About To Hit Steam

Only four years after the fact.

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Quartz Hasn’t Had A Sale In A Month

Truly nobody cares about Ubisoft’s NFT venture.

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Ubisoft Financial Report Ignores Quartz

Latest financial report does not mention them at all.

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UAE Siege Tournament Cancelled

After backlash over human rights abuses.

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OFM Episode #6: The Weekend Is Here


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Ubisoft Invested In An NFT Company

Just to remind you that they have a stake in this grift.

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Ubisoft Sunsetting Hyper Scape

This April.

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OFM Episode #5: Witcher Spam & Blackmail

New episode of the podcast is up.

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Ubisoft Quartz Hasn’t Broken $800 In Sales

Nine sales in the last month.

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Ubisoft Dropped Another Breakpoint NFT

Nuns Fear Tacos.

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