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2019 Developer Report Cards: Ubisoft Edition

Oh Ubisoft! What can I say about Ubisoft that hasn’t already been said about Flint’s water supply? Ubisoft confuses me as a gamer and as a guy who writes about games. On one hand, they are constantly pulling maneuvers that make you wonder what chucklehead is driving the vehicle. On the other hand, they’re competent […]

Community Concerns: The Importance of Reading Comprehension

Yea, we’re still talking about Blizzcon. It’s been a while since I talked about the whole nontroversy surrounding Blizzard and the prize pool for World of Warcraft’s Blizzcon tournaments, so I will sum up for those who don’t feel like clicking the link in this paragraph. Blizzard sold digital toys with 25% proceeds going toward […]

Nontroversial: Blizzard and the Disappearing Half Million

Now I’m mad at Blizzard just as much as the next guy, which is why this article is going to hurt me more than it does the people who I am about to point out. Today is October 31, 2019 of the year of Arnold, and that can only mean one thing; it’s time for […]

Mystic Character Class Available In Black Desert (Xbox)

Black Desert today released a new update introducing the Mystic class to the Xbox One. The Mystic utilizes the gauntlets and vambrace and prefers close combat. More information can be found at the official website.

Bad Press: Kotaku’s Owner Demands Removal of Article Criticizing Obnoxious Ads

How do you guarantee that something will gain traction on the internet? Try to silence it. Kotaku today penned an editorial from the staff explaining to readers that ads are not at the discretion of the editorial team. More specifically, the editorial team has no input over the obnoxious automatically playing video ads with sound […]

IPE Update: Epic Games v. ABC Moving Forward

Epic Games is moving forward with its lawsuit against Acceleration Bay (ABC) following an order denying the defendant’s motion to dismiss. Taking the initiative upon itself, Epic Games filed suit several months ago against Acceleration Bay, seeking a declaratory judgment that their game Fortnite did not infringe on patents owned by the defendant. The lawsuit […]

Review: The Outer Worlds

(Editor’s Note: I received a review copy of The Outer Worlds on Playstation 4. Given I have an Xbox Game Pass subscription and would have had access less than 24 hours later anyway, this has not changed my opinion on the game) Why are you reading my review of The Outer Worlds? You can literally […]

In Plain English: The Grinch Who Spoiled Fortnite

Dear internet, That video game nondisclosure agreement that your buddies tell you doesn’t matter because “it’s video games” and thus not enforceable in court? It’s probably enforceable in court. In fact it’s very likely enforceable. To the shock of the world and heaven in the sky, Epic Games has filed a lawsuit this week against […]

Community Concerns: Sorry Fallout 76 Players, You’re On Your Own

I hit the breaking point with Bethesda and Fallout 76 so long ago that I couldn’t honestly tell you when I got sick and tired of hearing about this game. In fact, it’s hard to believe that Fallout 76 just hit its one year anniversary. It feels like this game has been a living parasite […]

Not Massive: Fortnite Corroborates Child’s Knowledge of Guns

Who said video games would never offer real world experience? Today’s human interest piece comes to us from a child custody case in the Eastern District of New York. The petitioner is the father of a child who had petitioned the court for the return of his son to Ecuador. The child, a nine year […]

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